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About Us for The General knowledges

Founded in 2020,THEGENERALKNOWLEDGES.COM is a comprehensive online quiz resource which is providing text General Knowledges for music compositions. We provide quiz and Current Affairs Information to over 100 thousand people each month on Daily Current Affairs and everywhere to gk fans connected across the internet. At the current moment The General Knowledge has more than 15 Current Affairs Question are posting for more than this amount grows day‑by‑day.

About Us
About Us


The biggest world archive of Current Affairs.
Authors, updates tracking thru website and email.
Current Affairs for most popular Question.
The General Knowledges brings learning and reading intelligence to the masses.


Thegeneralknowledges.com is a website of Hindi general knowledge and friends you know that general knowledge is combined with mental ability and how important it is for us because today general knowledge is an important part for every kind of competition exam.

General knowledge is an important part of crystallized intelligence and intensive intelligence is the ability to use one's skills, knowledge and experience. General knowledge is knowledge about a wide range of subjects rather than a broad knowledge of a particular subject.

Friends, the main objective of this thegeneralknowledges.com website is to increase your general knowledge in various subjects in a good and fun way.

Friends, all the questions and answers have been given on this website.

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